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About Christy
I tailor the type of music and teaching pace to each individual's needs and pace. Many of my students bring in their own sheet music, or "wish list" of piano songs they want to play.

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  • I played piano as therapy for the patients at a large state Mental Hospital. Some of the Psychiatrists and Nurses brought out their fiddles, and bongos. We we had a regular jam session!

  • Upon my 1997 return to California, I worked as a Clinical Social Worker in an inpatient hospital setting running music groups as well as didactic groups

  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • As of 1999 I started teaching piano privately.

  • During this time, I played in several wonderful church bands with the most extraordinary musicians.

  • I teach full time. That is my sole dedication and joy.

  • A little personal background:
     When I was six, my mom made me take piano.I hated it and begged to quit. After finishing her required three months of lessons (I swore it was a year!), I quit. After a year, found myself pining to play the piano. To my great joy and surprise, my mom and dad said yes, and they again enrolled me in private lessons. My studies were classical, theory and the very beginnings of Boogie Woogie. After high school, I traveled  to Oklahoma where I learned Music Technology, improvising at the piano, and continued my love and learning of  Boogie Woogie piano. I then went to the University of Kentucky where I obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work.
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