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Hello Piano Lovers!!

Have you ever dreamed of learning to play the piano? Or starting to play piano again?

Come have fun while you learn, and enjoy having music at your fingertips. Fun Piano lessons that are still the highest quality piano lessons!!

  • Adult beginners or "I took as a kid..."
  • Beginners, advanced or intermediate students
  • Note reading & Improvisation (chords)
  • Classes tailored to individual learning style
  • Boogie Woogie group classes levels 1-4

It is never too early or too late to learn to play the piano!

Take a few lessons, surprise yourself! Bring your own music too!

Click on above to see the little write up! Whohoo!!

Wow! I received this huge honor recently from Steinway in New York. I better keep practicing to maintain this!!

Phone: 949-293-9172 cell

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At the age of 6, my mom signed me up for piano lessons. At 6 1/2 I quit. Then at 8 I started yearning to play. Kindly, my mom signed me up again and the rest is history. I took privately through the 8th grade, then got into horseback riding and just did the piano for fun - through high school. Off to college, I purchased a horse I had been training here in California, and moved to UC Davis, then to a private college in Oklahoma where I took a minor in Music Technology and had the greatest piano teacher ever. I requested the "Blues and Boogie" teacher because I loved it and my Classical teachers had not been able to help me in that area. On scholarship for piano lessons, I learned and played Boogie Woogie piano, improvisation with chords, and lead sheets to my heart's content. My horse also saw me four times a week. It was a beautiful life! After Oklahoma, the horse and I moved to Kentucky for graduate school where I obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work. The horse did not think she needed a college degree. I was able to work at a fantastic psychiatric hospital playing piano in the intake unit, to keep people calm. The head Psychiatrist played "fiddle" and a few nurses played drums and guitar. Every week we our little makeshift band would play for the residents. Patients who never moved or smiled got up and danced! I will always remember the gentleman who sprang up from his chair, grabbed his IV stand, and danced with it. Upon returning to California, (horse in tow), I started teaching piano privately (not with the horse) while studying to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker here in CA. Often, I would give horseback riding lessons to pay for my piano and other studies, and sometimes teach piano to pay for my horse board! All in all it was a great foundation. I have been teaching privately since 1999 and had the wonderful honor of joining the music school, Phoenix Feather Academy of Music, as a private teacher in 2014, where I still teach. Thanks for reading!

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