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About Christy

I tailor the type of music and teaching pace to each individual's needs and pace. Many of my students bring in their own sheet music, or "wish list" of piano songs they want to play.

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  • I played piano as therapy for the patients at a large state Mental Hospital. Some of the Psychiatrists and Nurses brought out their fiddles, and bongos. We we had a regular jam session!
  • Upon my 1997 return to California, I worked as a Clinical Social Worker in an inpatient hospital setting running music groups as well as didactic groups
  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • As of 1999 I started teaching piano privately.
  • During this time, I played in several wonderful church bands with the most extraordinary musicians.
  • I teach Full Time. This is my sole dedication and joy.
  • Chosen as a Steinway Teacher of the Year 2021

A little personal background:


5.0 star rating


Ms. Christy is a wonderful piano teacher. My son has been attending for boogie workshops taught by Ms. Christy since last year and he really enjoys having Ms. Christy as his teacher. She made my son love for boogie music. She is very calm and encouraging. We love going to her workshops.

Amali Dissanayake Lake Forest

When I was six, my mom made me take piano. I just didn't take to it, didn't enjoy it and and begged to quit. After finishing her required three months of lessons (I swore it was a year!), I quit. A year after that, I found myself pining to play the piano. So I humbly approached my mom to ask for another shot. To my great joy, my mom and dad said yes, and they again enrolled me in private lessons. My studies were classical, theory and the very beginnings of Boogie Woogie. After high school, I traveled to Oklahoma where I learned Music Technology, improvising at the piano, and continued my love and learning of Boogie Woogie piano. I then went to the University of Kentucky where I obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. Upon returning to California, I looked for and found a little Irish lady who played boogie woogie like a pro!!  Her being an hour's drive away did not stand in my way. I drove, learned, and flourished under her training. We are still friends to this day.

The horse in the picture to the left was my 22 year equine companion Arabian mare. What a hot-blooded wonder she was!! We did a little boogie-woogie riding in the hills. Ahh, crazy youth!! Now she prances up in the heavens as she has crossed that "Rainbow Bridge."

Serving South Orange County


5.0 star rating


After first lesson with Christy, I was so sure, she's the one who can take me to explore musical world. Her teaching is an amazing fit for me, the frustration on music theory becomes fun and mind-opening, and she makes it easy to get on while learning beautiful songs along the way. With her instruction, my fingers have built up strong foundations, no more fear for difficult notes, challenges become rewards after. This is great if you are a beginner, want to be a good pianist. Christy chooses her words kindly, she never criticizes my mistakes, her focus is how to play it right. I really appreciate that she knows I am struggling to get there. This to my opinion is very important for young students, as they could be easily discouraged. Before meeting Christy, I thought if I could play one classical music in my lifetime, I would be happy, but after following her for 5 months, I think I can play a lot more. Life is beautiful with music, especially being able to play music myself. Every day when I practice, listening to every single heavenly notes, I am grateful for having Christy as my piano teacher. If you are serious about learning piano, Christy is the teacher you are looking for.

Yue L. Mission Viejo


5.0 star rating


She is fantastic. Super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she does and the music she teaches. Also very down to earth.

Highly recommended.

Amin T. Irvine


5.0 star rating


I had never touched a musical instrument in my life and could not read a note of music, but was inspired by my daughter to take up piano because it was something I always wanted to do. I was skeptical at first and didn't think I would make it past the first lesson. Surprise, surprise, two years later, I am still at it, and it's all because of Christy. You couldn't find a more passionate and committed person. She is great at what she does, she challenges you while knowing your limitations and is so much fun to be with. She is truly inspiring and phenomenally talented. I could not think of a better person to recommend someone to acquire a love and respect for the piano, and you can take that to the bank from this 65-year old dinosaur.

Paul K. Lake Forest


5.0 star rating


Christy Sawyer is a wonderful piano instructor. She is knowledgeable, patient, thorough and personable and most of all she makes it fun. I am an adult learner and it is a thrill to know each lesson brings a new skill or understanding of music foundation. I highly recommend Christy as an instructor.

Mari-Lynn Lake Forest

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